Physical Therapy: C6 Music Video

Pacific University physical therapy students created a music video about the C6, a spinal cord nerve that allows you to flex your biceps muscle. source

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Physical Therapy; SBAR video (A Drake Parody)

This video was made for a Cardiopulmonary class project, to demonstrate what SBAR and CUS means, and how it can be used in an emergency situation….with some comic relief. source

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Physical Therapy For Cervical Herniated Disc: Video Introduction

This video on physical therapy for a cervical herniated disc provides an introduction to one of the most traditional non-surgical treatments for the painful condition … source

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Adriana Rusti – Orthopedic Physical Therapy Video Presentation

School Project – Video presentation created in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and Adobe After Effects CS5. I do not own the rights for the videos used in compilation. source

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